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eco and Passivhaus architecture

At Swann Edwards Architecture we are proud to be leading the way in eco design that promotes low energy consumption and takes into consideration the difference our homes and properties make on their local, and global, environment.

In 2016, households accounted for 40% of UK emissions, according to the Committee on Climate Change. Our impact, and the impact of the buildings we live in, is moving higher and higher up in our agendas. As a result, more and more homeowners and businesses are searching for experts in sustainable architecture and building design – and that’s where we come in.


Leading the way amongst Passivhaus architects in Cambridgeshire

One strand of our approach to sustainable building design is our status as a certified Passivhaus, with our director – James Burton – having secured certification as a Passivhaus designer in 2014.

This is reinforced with our own offices whichare one of a few commercial Passivhaus buildings in the UK and is a practical exemplar project for our clients to visit and experience.
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Passionate about environmentally responsible, low carbon architecture, employ a five stage hierarchical approach to design with Passivhaus standards. That means, as Passivhaus architects, each of our Passivhaus builds takes into consideration factors like:


Optimising a building’s orientation so that it can make the most of natural light and warmth from the sun;


Sustainable insulation


Renewable energy sources and much, much more.

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