Fibonacci spiral dwelling


Gorefield, Wisbech

Fenland’s first earth-sheltered property showcasing a fine example of passive solar dwelling


An environmentally friendly home in the village of Gorefield, that offers an architecturally rich, high quality development designed to reflect the surrounding Fenlands.


This unique project needed a multi-faceted design that would provide a home, as well as providing the right location that was close enough to the clients business on Fendyke Lane.


To create the first Earth Sheltered dwelling in the Fenland’s our team pulled out all the stops using:

  • perfect design ratio the Fibonacci series to create aesthetically appealing design, as seen naturally in nature

  • passive solar design techniques, and

  • sensitive design decisions to deliver a dwelling that enhances its immediate setting and is sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area

  • construction techniques and materials of the highest quality

  • finally, the building itself is designed to be part of the landscape and through the planting that will cover the building will increase the bio-diversity of the site and encourage flora, fauna and provide increased wildlife habitat

The Full Story

Our Clients, Mr and Mrs Turner have lived in Fendyke Lane, Gorefield for most of their lives, whilst running a successful rose growing business. Our clients wanted to pass the baton onto their son and therefore have a second property developed.

There is an essential need for rural workers to live permanently at or near their place of work in the countryside.

They had their proposal rejected for building two properties on the land where their rose growing business is. Therefore, we needed to find the perfect site to build their dream home.

Located on the same road, Fendyke Lane, the idea was to respect the countryside with minimal impact on its setting, by creating a dwelling that of exemplary design to win permission.

The site, is a paddock land sandwiched between Thorn Hall to the South and Elise Racing and a dwelling (The Lodge) 72m to the North. Directly opposite the site is an existing dwelling, Verdun. The site has natural boundaries with a drain and outbuildings to the East, post and rail fence to the South, Fendyke Lane to the West and an established hedgerow to the North.

Using the landscape to draw inspiration from

We believe that this proposal creates a dwelling of exceptional quality and of an innovative nature, our design strategy has allowed us to create an interesting and high-quality dwelling that is orientated to maximise passive solar design, whilst also ensuring that the rural nature of the area is not eroded.

Overall, this form combined with the earth sheltering has allowed the dwelling to be screened from the public realm and retain the landscape separation between buildings.

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